Development Diary #1 Realm VS Realm

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Welcome to the first Apocalypse Development Diary where we will introduce to you the new Realm vs Realm features coming online in the upcoming Alpha patch. This Post will be evolving over the next several days/weeks highlighting a new feature on each update.

First up we will introduce the basics of the new RvR System.

RVR System Rework

We begin with the central zones in a T4 Pairing being initially set to having an Order and a Destruction keep.

Taking the central zone will open the next zone closer to the defending factions city within that Pairing. This zone will have both keeps locked to the defending faction.

Zone Capture
In order to generate a Zone Lock, 1000 victory points need to be earned for a given faction.
- Taking and holding a Keep will gain your Realm 300 victory points.
- Taking and holding a Battlefield Objective will gain your Realm 50 victory points.
- Winning a Scenario will gain your Realm 25 victory point (up to a maximum of 150).
- Killing an enemy in the RVR realm will gain your Realm 2 victory points (up to a maximum of 50).

Keeps can be taken, and retaken, as you will need to hold both keeps to lock the zone. Battlefield Objectives once taken and captured, continue to be owned by the capturing Realm.
So this means holding 2 keeps and 4 BOs gives you 800 points. You then need to win 6 SCs (150 VP) + gain 25 (50 VP) kills to flip the zone. If, while doing this, a BO is lost, your victory points will drop back to 750 + kills + SCs.

Domination Timer
A Domination Timer will start when both Keeps and all Battlefield Objectives have flipped to one realm. When the Domination Timer expires, the zone will flip. If a BO or Keep is flipped while the Domination Timer is running, this timer will stop, but not be reset.
If the Domination Timer ends the zone will flip, or if the total points exceeds 1000 the zone will flip - rewards/bags are given at this point in time. The more players, the higher the rewards (more bags and higher tier/rarity bags).

All Fortresses are now implemented.
Progression will take you from the central zone towards the enemy city, through the Fortress at the end of that pairing and then back to the central zone in the next pairing

For example
Praag -> Reikland ->Reikwald -> Thunder Mountain.

Killing the Fortress Lord will lock the Fortress zone and grant rewards.
Fortresses also have a defensive timer - if the attacker doesn't capture the Fortress before this timer expires, it is 'defended' and the progression moves on

Siege Weapons
Siege spawn rules have changed to work with the new RvR System.
There are three classes of siege.
- Can be spawned near a friendly keep (and towed to the enemy keep) in the active zone
- Can be spawned near Siege spawn point (near your WC) - glowing flag in the active zone
- Oil can be spawned as per normal, at a Siege hardpoint on the Fort/Keep walls
- Can be spawned in front of an any enemy keep in the active zone
- Near your friendly keep in the active zone
- Near a siege merchant in the active zone

Battlefield Objectives

The Battlefield Objective (BO) mechanic has been reworked.

Battlefield Objectives are Unlocked (Neutral) only at the start of a zone. After they have been captured, they won’t flag themselves neutral again.

-Players interacting with the BO will start a 9 second timer.
-If the interaction is interrupted, the timer resets.
-If the interaction completes, the BO will enter Capturing state. The BO in this state will start an approximate 2-3 minute timer.
-If an enemy player interacts, and completes the interaction with the BO during this time, the BO will reset the timer and swap ownership to the enemy player.
-You will receive a small reward for locking this state.

-When the Capturing BO timer finishes, the BO will enter Captured state.
-A timer will start for a combined timer of 7-10 minutes. Guards will spawn at this time to protect the BO. Beware, these guards pack a punch!
-The enemy realm cannot interact with the BO during this time.
-You will receive a small reward for locking this state.

-Once the Captured BO timer ends, the BO will return to Unlocked state however, the BO will retain it's guards and the owning realm.
-You will receive a small reward for locking this state.

The Bounty System

The Bounty system rebuilds the reward system within Apocalypse to be based upon your contribution to the RVR campaign. Rather than being based solely upon kills, (or being in the group that has all the DPS), Bounty uses a technique that allows for playing your class to gain contribution for the RVR Campaign.

Put simply, each Player has a Bounty that is based upon their RR level. As their contribution in game progresses, they gain Contribution.

When the player is killed the reward level for the killer is based upon the victim’s Bounty + Contribution.

When the victim dies, their Bounty is reset to its original level. Even though their Bounty is reset, their Contribution is not forgotten.

Contribution is used to qualify players for bag rewards, as well as higher Zone Flip rewards (RP/INF).

When you reach a certain level of Contribution you may become a Realm Captain. You will certainly become a target of interest for the opposing Realm, but you will also gain a number of advantages as well.

Honor System

We have introduced a new system to add an extra dimension to the RVR campaign. It is called Honor - tied to the Bounty system, Honor uses the contribution you gain in RVR as a means to generate Honor Ranks.

Honor is different to many other mechanics in game, it decays over time. So you must continue to gather contribution in order to either gain more Honor Ranks, or maintain the one you have.

Honor allows you to purchase new speciality items from an Honor Vendor (in keeps and warcamps). To use these items, however, you must have the required Honor Rank.

Implemented the following honor rewards. Depending on your honor level you will be able to choose between them.

●Pendragons Knot (Daoc Trophy)
●Absorb Potions
●4 unique Skull trophies
●Renown Potion
●Call to War ○ This item will grant you a free teleport to your capital with a 60 minute cooldown.
●Aviator Goggles○ Fashion accessory
●War Aegis○ This item will drop a banner and grant a renown bonus to everyone within range of the banner.
●Griffon / Manticore

Additionally we are going to release a unique and never seen jewel set that will be achievable via honor.

Realm Captain

Once a player gains enough contribution, they may become a Realm captain for the active
zone. This will give them a number of benefits, including extra RVR rewards - however they also
will be a very large target for the opposing realm.
There can only be one Realm Captain per active zone per Realm. If the Realm Captain leaves,
or hides, a new one will be selected.

Realm Captains can select one of three buffs (more to come) from the Special RVR vendor in
keeps and Warcamps.

● 10% core stat increase for the Realm Captain
● 5% renown / inf increase for those 65ft around the Realm Captain
● 5% crit chance for the Realm Captain

Career and Balance Changes

Melee Archetype
Riposte - Corrected the tooltip damage of this ability. Additionally Riposte will now scale with strength again.

Witch Elf
Removed the internal cooldown of Kisses.
Corrected the Range of all finishers from 10f to 30f.
Heart Render Toxin - This ability will now apply the wounds debuff first and the damage after.

Infernal Blast - Fixed a issue that let the damage continue to tick after a enemy/unit died

Knight of the Blazing Sun
No Escape - This morale will no longer break on damage.
Stay Focused - The heal component of this Aura will now correctly scale with Willpower.

Oppression - This ability now requires a shield.
Relentless - Corrected the damage value of this ability.
Bane Shield - The Damage effect on Bane Shield will now only trigger a maximum of once per 2
seconds per character affected.
Corrupted Retribution - The heal component of this Aura will now correctly scale with Willpower.

Spellbreaker - This ability will now first remove the shield and apply its damage after.

White Lion
Throat Bite - Corrected the damage value of this ability.
Brutal Pounce - Corrected the damage value of this ability.

Squig Herder
Spore Cloud - This ability will now heal the Squig and its pet, instead of twice the pet.

Armor and Weapon Set Changes

Corrected the heal amount of Mending.

Rare Fortune
removed this set completely from the game.

Corrected all Ruin set bonus. That includes a swap from the 5th and 6th bonus and the implementation of the correct bonus.

Corrected all Annihilator set bonus.

Corrected, implemented and assigned the right set bonus for Sentinel.
Additionally the set level was tuned down which results in less strong proc bonus. An
example would be Preservation which now buffs 80 instead of 100 wounds as per

● Runepriest
○ Implemented and assigned Determination as a 6th piece bonus. Determination
grants 50 morale on being hit with a trigger chance of 10%.

● Witch Hunter / Witchelf
○ Fixed a tooltip issue with Corrosion. It will now state the correct amount of armor
that is being debuffed.

● Knight of the Blazing Sun / Chosen
○ Removed Mending and assigned a +5 increased AP regeneration.

● Archmage
○ Implemented and assigned Doubt as a 6th piece bonus. Doubt removes 50 morale from your attacker with a trigger chance of 10%.

● Choppa / Slayer / Marauder
○ Preservation will now correctly buff 80 instead of 100 wounds.

● Shaman / Zealot
○ Replaced Reactionary with Determination (for description see Runepriest).

Dark Promise
● Zealot
○ Dark Promise Wingmantle - Fixed a bug that caused this item to visually appear as a belt.

● White Lion
○ Corrected the 5th piece bonus from clarity to mending.

● Corrected the item level for all invader sets.

● Implemented the Warlord Set for all classes.
● Re-created & Implemented all 6th piece bonuses of the Warlord set.
● Re-created & Implemented all 7th piece bonuses of the Warlord set.
● Added a new Appearance to all Warlord Items.
● Removed dyes from Warlord items.

Fortress Weapons
● Implemented a weapon kit for all classes.
● Each kit consists of two weapons. Some of them have received a rework i.e. Tanks would previously randomly gain a 1h or a 2h depending on what Mythic saw them as. However on our version tanks will receive either a shield or a two-handed weapon, so that the player has access to both offensive and defensive gear coming from forts.
● Implemented / Restored and assigned procs for all Fortress Weapons.

Blue Bag Reward for forts
● Designed a unique cloak with a never seen appearance and individual stats depending on your archetype.

Tome Jewel Sets
Reworked all of the Tome Jewel Set Bonuses to their live state.
This change includes the following sets:
A. Winds Imperious Set
B. Blood Soaked Sigils
C. The Divided
D. The Broken Covenant
E. The Sundering Rings
F. Oathstones

Epic Quest Weapons
● Fixed some of the epic quest weapons and gave them their live proc:
○ Zephyr (Slayer) now grants Dissolve proc
○ Dusk (DoK) now grants Dissolve proc

others will follow with the next Update.

Influence Weapons
● Corrected influence weapons for multiple classes.

Rebuilt Respawn Mechanic
This was a large change under the covers, but should have little impact to game play - the system now understands the state of keeps and fortresses and will respawn you in different locations, according to the state of the keep/fort

Rebuilt Set Drop Mechanic

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