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Think you can be objective and promote a selfless idea on how to improve the game for everyone, pitch it to us in detail here

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Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:30 am

First...I love WAR. I've never played an MMO that quite captured the excitement and fun of WAR...and I've been playing MMO's since UO. Below are a few ideas on what I believe can help make this server successful.

1. Personally I'd like to see a server just try to make the game as close to the original WAR as possible. Yes, it had it's problems, but trying to correct those problems before having a 100% working server is a mistake imo. The "other" server out there is a huge mess because of trying to keep things interesting for players and "fixing" supposed problems. The game has a TON of great content and I believe it can be kept interesting by making that content playable again.

2. I hate the idea of auto level to 40. There is a ton of great content to be explored before 40 and it does a disservice to the original devs to let people just skip it. Perhaps a bind on account auto-level token for each race. If you've lvled a race to 40 you can purchase and mail the token to a new character, on your account, of the same race. Call it an Account Bound, Race restricted, Auto Level 40 Token. This takes some of the grind out and encourages people to explore each races content.

3. Yes, the game is PvP focused. I'm a HUGE PvP fan. Please don't ignore the PvE content. This IP has a ton of great story. I, and many other players, thought the questing and leveling was interesting and fun. Try not to just cater to the PvP crowd. Get those PvE players who occasionally like to PvP. More people = more fun.

4. Please don't make changes to core game-play and abilities. Focus on making a solid recreation of WAR...then if something desperately needs fixed...think about it, ponder it, consider it, form committees about it, run focus groups about it, view community ideas about it, mule it over some more, test the living shit out of it, test it some more...then implement it on a trial basis.

5. Please don't ignore the "gap" when implementing new gear. Don't make it impossible for new players to have fun. I'd advise against adding new gear, but I know I'm in the minority here. At least wait to add items till the server and game is 100% up and running.

These are my educated, experienced opinions. Take em or leave em...cause we all know what opinions are like...

I'll stfu now and go try out the server...see you all in game!
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Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:42 pm

Hello and welcome to the Apocalypse Server Wiliestrogue,

Before answering your points in detail, i'd like to thank you for your extensive and well-thought feedback!

1.) That's our mission as stated in our maniphesto on the site. We currently restore the game to its last stage in 1.4.8 and unlike our competitor we run this as close to vanilla as possible.

2.) This is a point we have discussed internally a lot lately and have come across the same issue you mentioned. We plan on reviving the low tiers and will give them the same attention as T4 in future. Though bear in mind we are just at the very beginning of our journey ;)

3.) Our plan is to target all kind of players without leaving any of them behind. Roleplayers, PvE fans, RvR fanatics and hardcore 6 men will all have content to enjoy in future

4.) As mentioned above we are going to restore the game to its original state without changing the core gameplay.

5.) We are well aware of gap issues in warhammer and it will always matter upon implementing new content. We also have a lot of plans that covers this issue.

I hope you enjoy your stay and the gameplay on our server.

See you on the Battlefield!
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Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:05 am

As somebody who is also new here I would like to comment on a few things williestrogue mentioned


I agree that a lot of things on the other server are messed up, mostly balance related things imo but one thing I really liked and that was that you can fight in the early tiers on your Lvl 40 character, it revitalized them. I would love to see that here but I am not sure if it would make a lot of sense taking the population into account at the moment., but maybe later if it continues to grow.


Here I disagree, I love the auto 40 scroll. It brought me to this server tbh. I levelled a few chars on live, I levelled a few chars on the other servers and tbh I can´t stand levelling in Warhammer anymore. I have seen simply everything in that regards too many times.


This is something I am also concerned about, remembering how it was on live. But I guess we have to wait and see, the people here on the project are experienced enough I think to address that.
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Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:12 am

Thank you for your responses and feedback!

I'm just coming along for the ride. I plan on being active on these forums, and in the game, as I really want to see this server succeed.

In regards to the lvl 40 potion....maybe just have people lvl 1 character and then have access to account bound lvl 40 potions? I'm just throwing out ideas. Honestly...I tried out the "other" server first (I didn't know APOC existed). It was really cool to see all the players in the starting zone. I grouped up, killed some things, it was fun...till I started asking questions and doing a little research.

Old school MMO's are making a HUGE comeback imo. I'm trying to consider the NEW and the OLD WAR players when making suggestions...
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