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Thu May 23, 2019 5:30 am

I have suggestions for simple steps on how to help the server along with moving to the euro and help content and interrogate people. This is something that is at odds with the opinion of gm. But not one of them so much does not communicate with players from different countries of the world. How I do it. You can say I spent a whole social study.

We have a RVR designed for a large number of people but with their own shortcomings that reduce RVR to nothing. Everyone wants to play from def only forts. Just an invidar crest and bags with an inveidor is a useless reward for high level players. Which is not how they do not stimulate.

1. you need to make a roll system. How on pq and how it was respectively on live. So that people can choose the reward they want, crosses or a bag or gold. So that other players could refuse bags they don’t need.

2. Make currency conversion. For example, 1000 war = cross 1 invader cross. 100 invader cross = 1 warlord crest.
Make drop inveider crosses with players.

3. Return the weapon with sc to huge price! Like live. This will revive many classes. Will give new additional content and challenge for players. Everyone will go to the scene to start to lead 50 55 60 65 weapons, and make their acquisition system as if it were alive. Until you buy the previous ones you cannot buy the next ones.

It is not mega difficult to realize the more all these items are in the game. You just need to enter them.
The main argument is no one who will not go to the scene for just giving nothing and give only shiti war crest.
I think all these measures will help attract the audience and return the old one. And the server will be more attractive for new players who will come when moving to Europe. And it does not harm the concept of a live server.
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Thu May 23, 2019 5:38 am

Thanks for your feedback.

Most of these things are already on the agenda but require a little more time to be release ready, especially the roll system incl. the possibility to opt out on roll is a rather complex fix.

patient you must be :>
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