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Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:40 am

Quick list of suggestions in case you don't want to read or don't appreciate my attempt at humor:

1. Update Getting Started page to reflect that players will need to create separate accounts for the server and forums.

2. If there are "Best Options" for video settings in WAR place a section in the Getting Started page.

3. Would love to see a detailed description of each class and class play-style on the website (not just the forums) to help players new to WAR.

4. IMPORTANT: Would love to see a detailed description of each addon with commands, a list of what addons benefit each class, and a list of what are considered the absolutely necessary addons on the Getting Started Page. The addon barrage on first login will scare away all but the most diehard and experienced MMO players. I personally love that they are included with the game download, but right now...that's a scary mess. New players will be totally lost.

5. If you are going to stick with the auto lvl to 40 potion (again...I absolutely hate this, but understand why it's here) it would be really cool if the Book of Binding was just bound to the main city right from the start. If you are planning on removing/changing the lvl 40 potion at some point then ignore this suggestion. It's not a big deal.

From time to time I'm going to pop on here and offer my 2-cents. I will try to offer the perspective of someone who hasn't really played WAR since original release (me), and the perspective of a new player who hasn't ever touched WAR. I think it's important to try to attract new players as well as old ones.

My background. I was top/main healer for the guild that basically destroyed 2 official WAR servers and moved to a 3rd before we finally moved on to another game. Yes, the guild I was in helped ruin WAR, but we also tried to help by talking to the devs, offering suggestions and feedback on known problems, and even helping the opposite faction organize to oppose us. I won't name the guild or my character. I just wanted you to know that I used to be hardcore (really, no life hardcore) and I may be able to help down the road as my memory of things returns through play. It's been a long time. Thanks!


1. Post my WAR vision opinion on the forums that nobody will probably read. CHECK!

2. Download and install the launcher and game. No issues when following the very clear instructions! CHECK!

3. Super Bowl snack and beer supply ready. CHECK!

4. Log into game...(ERROR), log into game...(ERROR), why isn't this working!'s a different Username and Password for Server and Forums (This is not clear in the starting instructions). Create account on launcher...Log into game. CHECK!

5. Watch incredibly cool cinematic for WAR. (I'm SO pumped right now) CHECK!

6. Select server. Easy...there's only one. I like that it's based in America...less ping. CHECK!

7. Adjust video settings to my liking. (Wish there was a blurb on the Getting Started page with any known optimization problems, or suggestions for best performance.) CHECK!

8. (I now proceed to spend the next hour making characters because that's what we MMO players love to do, play dress-up with our online CHECK!

9. (I now proceed to spend the next hour trying to decide what class to play, because that's what we MMO players love to do, online research and min-max the hell out CHECK!



11. Turned off all addons and started to explore. As an experienced MMO player I get the need and convenience of including them in the download. A new player to MMOs or WAR will be totally lost. Probably to the point of leaving. There needs to be some warning, tutorial, and descriptions on the Getting started page.

12. Watched boring Super Bowl with awful half-time show...drank beer, thought about WAR the whole time. Might need help...
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Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:49 am


I don't want anybody to think I'm just some bitchy player. Just trying to help. I know it's a HUGE project.

I love you guys for starting this server!

No really...I love you guys.

Seriously...the love is real.

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I think these are all top notch suggestions.
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