First experience on WAR Apoc

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First of all, I'd like to say thank you to blastoise from Discord for helping me resolve my issues logging into the game. Thank you again for your help.

Second, my first experience on WAR Apoc happened like such:

Created a new character, made a Bright Wizard. Found out about the instant 40 scroll, used it, went to Altdorf and bought my green lvl 40 armor/weapon/jewelry. Looked for active RvR, found it in Eataine. Saw several Order rolling around, and a mob of Destro (probably a dozen or so). Grouped with said Order, two warrior priests, an IB, an RP, and an engineer. We go and cap a point, move on. First fight on the server, I noticed I was targeted first by the melee train which is understandable as BW are squishy. Get two shot, die, accept rezz. Okay, things are okay, then I start dropping some spells on a Sorc and notice again, I'm targetted by not only all their melee but their ranged. Take one Vision of Torment for 1183, one second later I'm dead. Then I realize, these guys must all be renown 20 maybe even renown 40+ and fully geared while I'm wearing starter lvl 40 green and have no pots.

Several hours later, in Praag, I'm dropping more spells, getting targeted for being squishy and dying instantly. Get into an SC, same thing. But I noticed, I've barely gotten a few renown levels and still not geared. I have fun playing, I have fun dying, and I enjoy what the WAR Apoc team has built. My only suggestion is, for new players, would it be possible to have the instant 40 scroll also give some instant renown rank? Renown rank 30 would give enough points for someone to invest in either full defense traits with a splash of Intelligence/Strength/Willpower/Weapon Skill/Ballistic Skill and won't make them powerhouses ready to go toe to toe with fully geared veterans but will limit this power gap. As much as I am a masochist for punishment, I found after six hours of playing my BW and barely gaining any renown rank, barely even tickling Destro with a fireball/ignite/boiling blood (most my dmg output was mitigated so I was doing as low as 20 dmg to a max of barely 80) that it wasn't fun and didn't really give me any incentive to continue playing the rest of today, or even at all in the future if I'm going to hit this huge wall where I'm just a renown pinata for the enemy players without being able to contribute anything to the fight. If insta 40/insta renown rank 30 is not possible, would it be possible to bolster new players who are under renown rank to have stats as though they were renown rank 40, they just wouldn't have the renown mastery points to spend. And if that's not possible, then I'm fresh out of ideas for overcoming the power gap for new players besides just sucking it up and mashing their face against a wall until they rank up high enough to be somewhat competitive while still retaining them as players during that suck up period.

I apologize for the wall of text, and I really enjoy WAR Apoc and all the great things it does better than any other server. I can take dying over and over, but dying without being able to put out any damage/influence in a fight, or dying within two seconds of combat starting just isn't fun for me. I'll remain hopeful that something will/can be done to reduce the massive power gap, not for me but for all new players that start here hoping to have some fun in oRvR. And I guess I'll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing what great things you guys implement next.
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I feel you, I have geared up about 2 characters ish, I mean RR 30-50 with full sent or conq.

And what I did to gear up both of those, didn't involve kicking any ones ass. I mainly found an open group, or asked to join, listen to what your team tells you to do, and be in the zone for every lock possible. It is incredibly easy to gear up on apocalypse with very low effort.

farm ruin gear, while watching the website/game for zone lock, and join in towards the end for zone lock medals if you don't feel like your getting anything done in zone.

I'm not saying it's great, I would love to start off in full ruin gear, RR 30. But then I wouldn't have to do anything hardly at all to play any class I wanted. And you would still get stomped by coordinated groups, which sounds like that's what your fighting. They are assisting each other, and you are the weakest link.

Put in a little more time, get a few zone locks. Once you get your first couple of pieces, you will see it's not so bad.

I wouldn't wait for this to change though, now is a good time to get a head of the curve.
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