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As the Community and APOCALYPSE itself continues to grow, so too must the rules and guidelines affecting the use of the website dedicated to its continued development. At present, this website includes the forums, Bug Tracking tool, The Armory and our Leader board as places where you can help shape the future of APOCALYPSE.


Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Every account is another person who is excited about APOCALYPSE. Disagree calmly and intelligently, do not attack each other when you don't share the same ideas. Show them the same respect you wish to be shown yourself.

(a) Personal attacks on other forum members or staff members are unacceptable and are grounds for an immediate suspension. Derogatory terms should never be used on these forums. We strive to be a welcoming community accepting those from all walks of life and respect each other as such.
(b) In-game abuses should be resolved privately between players via private messaging or messaging a Moderator. 'Vigilante justice', including but not limited to ‘naming and shaming’, via the forums or chat is not condoned or acceptable, and will be acted upon as reported by Moderators.
(c) Do not post another member's personal information such as their email address, other website profiles, or other sensitive material without their permission. "Doxing" will not be tolerated.


We're all adults here and that means being responsible and not plastering risqué content all over your forums and chat. No pornographic, racist, sexist, homophobic, disability-based, or otherwise outright offensive content to other humans may be posted, including conversations about illicit substances or other criminal activity out of APOCALYPSE. You're helping us to build a game, not a high school locker room. Excessive objectionable language is grounds for a suspension.


Do not post messages specifically intended to antagonize, incite, or "get a rise" out of others. We understand the impulse to do it at times, but it doesn't contribute to the community, it tears it down. Your responsibility as early players is to help form a great community, not to endlessly frustrate those who come later. Included, but not limited to:

(a) Do not create avatars and signatures intended to bait, defame, ridicule, insult or otherwise mess with other users.
(b) Parody, at the expense of other users is forbidden. Do not copy other users profiles or organizations.
(c) While we encourage discussions on a variety of game-related topics, starting threads on controversial issues solely to generate an argument is forbidden.
(d) Posting to another guild’s recruiting thread in order to harass them is forbidden. Guild recruiting threads are for guild members and those interested in joining, not for fights between guilds.
(e) Users may NOT impersonate a moderator or an employee of APOCALYPSE, including by having similar avatars or forum handle.
(f) Should a moderator edit your post, you may not remove those edits or notes.


Every Spectrum channel has a topic and you should stick to it.

(a) Threads that derail significantly from their original topic will be closed.


Be additive, not repetitive. Avoid excess.

(a) Continuing to post the same content on the forums or chat for any reason is not allowed, and the frequency with which this becomes excessive will be the discretion of moderation staff.
(b) Asking for money or donations is not allowed.
(c) Forum “bumps” are considered a form of spam and are not allowed. This extends to "necro’ing" threads more than a month dead. Let the natural conversational flow of the community determine what should rise to the top and what should not.
(d) Talking about your personal projects and successes is welcome and encouraged, selling things is NOT. APOCALYPSE forums are not a marketplace and trading or selling APOCALYPSE accounts is not allowed on the forums or chat. Linking to other sale sites is forbidden, suggesting that users contact you for sales is forbidden.
(e) Posts may not contain secret codes or languages.
(f) The Guild Hall recruitment channel is the only accepted places for recruitment-related activities.


All APOCALYPSE users may only post from one forum account.

(a) When a user posting through an “alt” is discovered, the user will be asked to choose which they would like to continue using and the others will have their posting permissions removed. This rule will be applied when alt usage is discovered, not pre-emptively applied to accounts with the same IP (which could be used by family members.)
(b) The use of alts may not be used to circumvent probations of forums and chat. Any account discovered doing so will have its ability to contribute to the forums and chat permanently removed, and the probation on the original account extended (if warranted.)
(c) Posting on behalf of probated accounts will result in action against the posting account.


These are not topics related to the continuing development of APOCALYPSE as a game.

(a) The probation of other users is not relevant to the continued development of APOCALYPSE.
(b) The details of Moderator interactions are not relevant to the continued development of APOCALYPSE as a game. Do not post the contents of any Moderator interaction on the forums.
(c) Do not argue with moderators in chat, forum post, or private message. Passive-aggression and oblique reference is still arguing. If you have an issue with moderation decisions, contact Community Management.
(d) Be aware that we will examine your entire posting history and will apply probation as we deem appropriate. Contacting Community Management is NOT a ‘get out of jail free’ card, and as many probation decisions are already reviewed by Community Management prior to being applied, you may expect the probation to be upheld in most cases.
(e) While Player Relations is here to help with technical issues relating to your account, they will not overturn Community Management decisions or respond to account-related demands that arise, implicitly or otherwise, from events that occur on the forums or chat.


We want to hear from you. Some of the best ideas come from the unlikeliest thoughts, so if you have something to add stand up and say it! Remember, the purpose of the Forums and Chat is to help the development team create the best possible game. We love posts that help us build our world and hate ones that waste our time by involving APOCALYPSE staff in unnecessary drama, moderation oversight or rumor mongering.

(a) Posts discussing rumors or misinformation, including the posting of rumors and/or personal opinion as fact, are not allowed.
(b) Posts designed to rile up or divide the community and spread unrest, including FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) are not allowed.
(c) Discussions of real-world politics, religion, race and other such topics are strongly discouraged, and will be acted upon if they turn to drama and agitation.


If you wish to run or promote a contest or event on APOCALYPSE Forums, they must follow the following guidelines:

(a) Any fan-organized event or contest is not "official." Making us aware of an event, or receiving an item from us to give away does not equal an endorsement or granting of "official" status.
(b) Must be free to enter.
(c) Must not be biased towards age, gender, religion, nationality.
(d) Must have a clearly defined end-date.
(e) Must have a clearly defined minimal prize pool.
(f) Must announce winners at the end of the contest.
(g) Must not require people to register or visit on 3rd party websites or communicate outside this website (including Skype or email).
(h) Must not request personal contact details in advance.
(i) Must be clear that APOCALYPSE staff are in no way involved in the contest. Even if we’ve supplied a prize to giveaway, we are not “in partnership” with the contest administrators.
(j) The moderation team reserves the right to shut down contest threads which become derailed, or violate the spirit of our community in any way we deem.
(m) All offered prizes must be given away to a winner participating in the contest.
(n) When in doubt: ask before starting a contest or promoting an event on this website.


Resorting to literalism or rules lawyering is a weak and transparent defense and will be regarded as such. If your idea of a good time is to find ways to troll APOCALYPSE without technically breaking one of these rules, know that you may still be suspended.

(a) “But I’m not technically poking you!” is not cause for the nuanced legal debate you’re imagining.
(b) “But this other person did this and got away with it!” is not an excuse or justification for poor behavior. Due to our privacy policy, we will not discuss any information or actions, taken or otherwise, involving other players.
(c) "But there isn't a specific rule saying I can't do this!" is not an exemption from complying with a request from moderators or staff.


The APOCALYPSE website rely on a team of volunteer moderators drawn from the APOCALYPSE community. Moderators have the full support of APOCALYPSE Staff, but they are not given any special privileges for their work. Moderators donate their time because they believe in the game and the community.

Moderators are held to the same standard as all other players, with the additional responsibilities listed below. Moderators found to be violating the Website Rules will be removed from the moderation team.

Moderators have the following responsibilities:

When a moderator posts with red text it means they are speaking on the record. Anything else they post is as a player like you! They are welcome to their own opinions (like any other user) when they are not posting in red.
Move posts to the correct channel when they are misplaced i.e. when fan art is posted to General, when a support question is posted to fan fiction and so on.
Review reported content. When you report content, it appears in the moderator channel with your report. Please be aware that 90% of reports generally result in no action; the honest truth is that most problems people have with individual posts are not something that matters to the overall moderation of the forum.
Issue warnings and suspensions based on the Forum Rules. These rules are an attempt to express our respect for our players and our belief that the majority of users can moderate their own behavior.
Recommend "perma-bans" to Community Management. Moderators do not have the ability to issue permanent bans. They can suggest them to APOCALYPSE staff, who will investigate the need and approve if warranted.
Publicly post their actions. When a thread is closed or moved, the moderator responsible will post a short explanation.


Do not contact APOCALYPSE staff directly about bans. All forum bans are automatically reviewed by Community Management.

Developers and staff interact on APOCALYPSE Forums as a courtesy. They are here to answer your questions and to seek out your design input. They have a game to make and do NOT have time to take part in your drama.

Anyone private messaging to APOCALYPSE staff complaining about moderation may have their ban extended.

If you have an issue with moderation decisions, you may submit a ticket to Community Management. We will examine your entire posting history and will apply probation as we deem appropriate. Contacting Community Management is NOT a ‘get out of jail free’ card. As many probation decisions are already reviewed by Community Management prior to being applied, you may expect the probation to be upheld in most cases.

We hope you have an amazing experience here on APOCALYPSE! Happy Hunting!